自己紹介 Self Introduction


青栁 宏圖と申します。


Hi, I’m Hiroto Aoyagi. Thank you for coming to this site.
I wrote about the relationship with me and art. If you’re interested in it , please read the article.

絵、建築、インド / Art, Architecture and India




When I was a kid, I liked drawing and wanted to be a painter. In high school, I changed my career from painter to design. After becoming a ronin, I turned to architecture, and the university was an art school. At university, I’ve been doing architecture all the time, and in my twenties I was farthest from painting.

Although I went on to architecture at university, I felt a sense of discomfort from the beginning. However, after graduating, I had been working at various architectural offices since I was a student, so I worked at an architectural office in Tokyo as an extension of that.

I I quit that job and went to India at the age of 27, which was the reason I started painting again. I had traveled from India to Nepal, encountered a Buddhist miniature called Thangka, and made a painting in Pokhara for about three months.

Trance Vision @ Pokhara, Nepal

チベット、インド、ネパール / Tibet, India, Nepal


In 2006, I embarked on another long journey. At first, I aimed for Tibet. After Tibet, I started drawing watercolors in India for the first time in a while.

The woman of the beginning @Bhagsu, India
Flowers @Bhagsu, India
Crystal ball @Rishikesh, India

トバ、ドンデット / Toba and Don Det

I made a series of watercolor paintings on Lake Toba in Indonesia and Dead Island in Laos.

Volcano @Toba, Indonesia
Spider Lily @Toba, Indonesia
Trumpet flower @Toba

カンボジア、プノンペン、海と島 / Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Ocean and Islands


Since I started living in Phnom Penh, I used to draw sketches and watercolors when I went to the sea and islands on vacation, and I used to paint acrylic and oil paintings in my Phnom Penh apartment.

Koh Rong
Otres Beach
Hammock@Phnom Penh

展覧会、絵本、ワークショップ/ Exhibition, Picture book, Workshop


In 2016, I moved from Phnom Penh to Kampot. I lived in nature for the first time in a long time and drew watercolors. She made a picture book based on it. Then, in 2017, I had a solo exhibition at Kampot.

Window of the universe
View in Kep, Cambodia
View in Kampot, Cambodia.
Exhibition in Kampot.


This is the link of the picture book selling on Kindle, Amazon.

スケッチとデジタルイラスト / Sketch and Digital Illustration


At one point I realized that I didn’t draw about her at all, so I drew about 50 digital sketches of my sleeping figure and the illustrations I created from it.

Digital illustration

ワークショップ / Workshops

I held several watercolor workshops in the flow of the exhibition.

Flyer of the workshop

マンガ、アニメーション / Manga, Animation

In 2020, I created new digital illustrations, manga, and animations.

First illustration for a comic strip
View in Kampot
Visual for the novel



And we started “Audiovisual Exchanges”.


The new age


Other pictures I have drawn so far can be seen on the Artoworks page.


Thank you for sharing.